Cleveland Browns: The Coaching Search Continues...

By Ryan Ruiz
Andrew Weber-USA TODAY Sports

Welcome to our world Mr. Jimmy Haslam. Cleveland Browns fans across the world have been stood up for most their lives. They are promised the world only to be left empty handed when it’s all over. Please tell me you have an armageddon-like back up upon back up upon back up contingency plan.

The coaching candidates are “candidly” dropping like flies and despite what Haslam or Joe Banner think, time is running out. It has gotten so bad that the Browns now have Marc Trestman from the Canadian Football League on their radar. Trestman was the offensive coordinator in the Bernie Kosar days and Browns football was respected. Trestman did train current Browns quarterback Brandon Weeden for his pro day and the NFL combine.

We can sit here and attack new ownership all day, but the bottom line is that Chip Kelly played the Browns and Philadelphia Eagles like a fiddle. Kelly did the same thing last year too. It’s seems like everyone in the world knew he was heading back to Eugene, OE And, at the end of the day, the Browns are still without a head coach as the NFL heads towards week two of the playoffs.

Now that all the funny games are over and Cleveland has no intention of chasing a run away bride”, considerations must be given to Ken Whisenhunt. Although he was sent packing from the Arizona Cardinals, Whisenhunt is a no nonsense, young, and experienced coach that will bring a new attitude to the very tense Cleveland fan base. People forget that it was Whisenhunt that took his team to the Super Bowl and almost won it if not for one the luckiest catches in NFL history by Santonio Holmes.

Day by day, Clevelands’ heart races by the minute. For now, all we can do is sit back and pray for the best. The “woe is me ” attitude is going to bring further anxiety. Mr. Haslam, get these fans a winning coach.

Ryan Ruiz – Cleveland Browns Writer

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