Dallas Cowboys Make A Necessary Move In Firing Running Backs Coach Skip Peete

By Ben Grimaldi
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said life at Valley Ranch was going to get uncomfortable this off-season and it began today with the first firing, running backs coach Skip Peete. It’s unclear who Jones is making uncomfortable, Peete, who he fired, or his coach Jason Garrett, who actually did the firing.

In any case, it was a move that no one really predicted would happen, but can’t be considered a surprise. The Cowboys had their worst rushing season in their history and they never got their ground game going thanks to injuries and bad offensive line play. According to Clarence Hill Jr. of the Star-telegram, here is what Garrett had to say about the firing.

“We have to do a better job running the football,’’ Garrett said. “DeMarco Murray was out for a large portion of this season, but having said that, you have to put the next guy in there and you have to be effective running it.

“It just helps your football team.” Garrett continued, “It helps your offensive line, it helps your quarterback, it helps your defense. That’s something that we’ve tried to do and we weren’t as effective as we needed to be. We have to make a commitment to being better next year.”

No one is going to question the fact that the Cowboys need to run the ball better but I’m not sure what role Peete played in Murray’s health.

Anyway, it doesn’t matter how you look at it, the move had to be made. Peete had been with the Cowboys for six years and the running game has seen a steady decline in the past four seasons, so something had to be done. Everyone wants to make excuses about the offensive line playing poorly and while that is certainly true, there has to be some accountability on Peete’s part. The Cowboys need more from their running backs and I have no problem with them getting rid of Peete.

Jones promised things would be uncomfortable this off-season and he’s off to a promising start.

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