Dallas Cowboys Need New Coordinator and it's not Offensive

By Jesus Flores
Alan Maglaque-USA TODAY Sports


After watching the Washington Redskins get bullied around by the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday, I had a talk with myself.

I said, “self, what do the Dallas Cowboys need more, a punishing offensive line or a defense that punishes offensive lines?”  Honestly, I would rather have a defense that punishes another team’s offense, and here’s my reasoning.

A punishing defense will help both the special teams and offense unit, by helping them get good field position, and could cause something this team has been starving for, for quite some time, aside from a playoff run; turnovers.

Why can’t this defensive squad create turnovers?  For some reason investing almost $70 million into the secondary, still produced only four interceptions.  Terrence Newman had four interceptions of his own in 2011, but he was seen as the weak link in the defense.  So what’s really the problem here?  Why can’t this defensive squad create turnovers?

In my opinion, Rob Ryan’s at fault that the team isn’t producing or can’t produce turnovers.  It’s on him to make the defense as disruptive as possible, and very rarely does he do that.  There have been countless amounts of times in the previous two seasons where Ryan does, let me call it… unconventional stuff, cause I don’t really want to say what I think about some of his schemes.

The common factor around Cowboys Nation is that the team needs a better offensive coordinator, but if you look back at 2011 and 2012, Ryan’s defense let you down a lot more often than the offense did.  In fact in 2011, the defense blew the most fourth quarter leads in franchise history, and in 2012 it was more of the same but less forced turnovers.  Someone told me that the teams Ryan’s been a defensive coordinator on have never had winning records, and I’m starting to see why.

Instead of cleaning house again, maybe we should bring in a coach who can actually deploy his players correctly and puts them in positions to be successful, before DeMarcus Ware up and calls it quits.


Jesus Flores is a Dallas Cowboys writer for RantSports.com Follow him on Twitter @SSgtFlo1

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