NFL Rumors: Did Robert Griffin III Tear His ACL and PCL Sunday?

By Dave Daniels
David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

A report appeared on ABC’s Richmond media affiliate that friends of Robert Griffin III said that Griffin tore his ACL and PCL and would be out 14-18 months.

The report on the website though was later taken down, so who knows what to believe at the moment.

Dan Helle from ABC later tweeted though that the “report out of Richmond from WRIC about @RGIII tearing ACL/PCL and being out 14-18 months is false. They are recanting story. ”

This would just be another kind of hell for Washington Redskins fans everywhere, because it was clear yesterday that Robert should not have been in the game after the late first quarter play in which Griffin visibly limped back to the huddle.

If Shanahan had put Cousins in, then I’m confident he could have made more down field throws and actually be able to plant his back foot to get power. Griffin was only able to throw for 18 yards the rest of the game after two long touchdown drives to start the game before he was hurt.

Lord bless Griffin for the type of competitor that he is, but if Shanahan wants to keep his job then I suggest he thinks deep and hard about the way to utilize this special quarterback. Griffin is such a competitor that you have to protect him against himself in a situation where he could have long-term damage. The other sad reality is the Redskins would have had a better shot to advance to the next round if Shanahan had made the call to switch to Cousins.

After the game, Griffin III said he was unsure of the nature or degree of his injury, but would wait for the test results to show.

“Honestly, it’s up in the air for me right now,” he said. “I know coming off the field I thought it was just the same thing (LCL injury).”

Shanahan might have just cost Griffin a year of football with his decision making, which has been decent this year on the way to the Redskins first home playoff game in 13 years, but had a major lapse on the field last night.

Griffin tweeted two hours ago that, “When adversity strikes you respond in one of two ways….You step aside and give in..Or you step up and fight. ”

Hold your breathe ‘Skins fans.

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