NFL Rumors: What Will Teams Do When Johnny Manziel Becomes Available?

By Andy Schmidt

There is a certain buzz around Johnny Manziel and what he did this season. Manziel won the Heisman Trophy and led his Texas A&M Aggies to a Cotton Bowl win. I’m all for looking into the future and what happens when Manziel is eligible to go to the National Football League. I know that is at least two years away but that fact will make the 2014 NFL season something to pay very close attention to.

Manziel will be a junior that year and could make himself eligible for the draft after that season. There are going to be certain NFL teams that see Manziel as the overwhelming No. 1 pick in the draft if he continues to produce like he did this season. What will those teams do if they are having a rough season? Are we going to see teams basically lay down to make sure they get the top pick and get Manziel? Here’s the biggest issue with that plan though. What happens if Manziel goes back to school for the 2015 year? Those teams look very foolish then.

If that happens, then the 2015 NFL season turns into one where teams may be trying to lose to get Manziel. I don’t like the idea one bit and in fact really hate the thought of teams lying down to get a better draft pick but I could see it happening. It would be an utter disgrace to the NFL if it does happen but this is something that everyone needs to be watching for in the next couple years.

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