NY Jets Whack QB Coach Matt Cavanaugh

By Harry Dole


New York Jets Quarterback Coach Matt Cavanaugh
The latest casualty within the New York Jets ranks is quarterback coach Matt Cavanaugh.  Kirby Lee – USA TODAY SPORTS


This is a time where the New York Jets organization reminds one of some bad mobster movie which continuously replays on television in the middle of the night.  For insomniac Jet fans, this same tired script has been playing out after consistent failures by the team to sustain any sort of winning legacy.

The latest version has the Head Coach (Rex Ryan) skipping town and bolting for the beach while the Jets General Manager (Mike Tannenbaum) and Quarterback Coach (Matt Cavanaugh) are swiftly terminated.  If the Jets are trying to ingratiate a new GM by their hasty handling of Tannenbaum’s dismissal, they are certainly going about it in an odd way.  Would it have been too much for Jets owner Woody Johnson, Ryan and Tannenbaum to hold a press conference and announce Tannenbaum’s release, along with some additional concerns about the team’s bleak looking future?

Regardless of Tannenbaum’s failures, he did deserve a little more respect from an organization which continues to handle matters in a most unprofessional way.  Apparently, Ryan and Johnson have no interest in sharing a little responsibility for this debacle with Tannenbaum.  So instead, we now wait for Ryan to return from vacation and Woody to return from isolation after the offending bodies have been removed and the dust settles.  Going into temporary hiding and returning to go about business once the house cleaning has been completed does not say much about one’s character.

The first order of business for the new GM should be to move Ryan to Defensive Coordinator and hire an offensive minded head coach (yeah, I know, wishful thinking).  A decision also has to be made on Offensive Coordinator Tony Sparano, whose future with the team appears cloudy.  Keeping Ryan around as Head Coach for another season with a subpar outfit which lacks talent makes very little sense.  Tying up the hands of a new GM with Ryan is not the way to go about in rebuilding this mess.  But then again, these are the Jets – so anything goes.

Jet fans have seen this lunacy play out far too often and should not get too excited with whoever is hired to engineer the rebuilding effort.  Although this is a different NFL than years gone by, where teams took many years to rebuild, GangGreen supporters should curb their optimism.  With numerous holes at vital skill positions, aging linebackers and an unfavorable salary cap situation, the Jets chances of quickly turning the corner appear slim.

Media members should not take the Jets delay in speaking with them after the season too personally, since that is the way the Jets have always been known to do things.  The scapegoating and poor handling of the Tannenbaum termination is something which is a little more alarming.  As stated, this does not exactly send a positive message to those who may be interested in the Jets GM job.

With the way the Jets continue to go about business,  it is looking less and less likely that Johnson can make a promising GM candidate an offer he cannot refuse.

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