Redskins Coach Mike Shanahan Mentions Adrian Peterson's ACL Recovery in RGIII Injury Update

By Dave Daniels

Mike Shanahan said two dreaded words in his press conference today while addressing Robert Griffin III’s knee injury on Sunday.

Adrian Peterson.

Uh oh. This is not a great sign for all fans of RGIII and it really stinks to hear. Peterson came back from an ACL tear in 9 months and went on to record the 2nd most rushing yards by a running back in league history.

Shanahan brought up Peterson when asked if he anticipated Griffin missing any of the Redskins off-season program.

“I thought Adrian Peterson did pretty good last year for not being part of the offseason program,” Shanahan said.

The signs are not looking good so far. Shanahan is going to have a very long off-season of media questioning whether he should have had Griffin in the game, especially after reports that Washington Redskins team doctor James Andrews was “scared as hell” to see Griffin on the field the last three weeks. The timing of Andrews’ comments was obviously not good, and the Redskins need to talk to him about keeping those type of comments in-house, especially before the first Redksins’ home playoff game in 13 years.

Redskins owner Dan Snyder will reportedly go to Pensacola, Florida with Griffin, which indicates this is not a routine or slight injury.

Griffin tweeted this earlier today as well, which indicates there will be adversity in his future.

Griffin will get another MRI and examination tomorrow and until that time everyone who loves this young man’s game will wait with bated breath. No matter what the injury is, here’s hoping RGIII has a full recovery.

Now let’s see if Shanahan can talk Daniel Snyder into keeping him on next year. Shanahan had a great year from a coaching perspective, but he has played fast and loose with the Redskins’ future as a franchise.

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