Tennessee Titans: Mike Munchak stays, but will be on the hot seat all year

By Jeremy Hayes
Mike Munchak Tennessee Titans
Troy Taormina- US Presswire

The Tennessee Titans look like they will be keeping first year head coach Mike Munchak for another go-round.

The Titans may have let go of chief operating officer Mike Reinfeldt, but some fans are scratching their heads over this move of keeping Munchak.

The Titans (6-10) could have had their options from the many coaches who were fired on Black Monday, but now put themselves in a hole by keeping a coach with a lot of question marks around the idea of whether or not he can win them games. Owner Bud Adams is taking a risk because now he will have a coach who will be on the hot seat for the entire season and could easily be the first coach fired in 2013 if the Titans’ record starts heading south early.

The Titans are in a bad position for the draft at the 10th spot, and unlike some bad teams who are bad but have a lot of potential, the Titans just seem to be stuck in limbo in the sewers of the NFL.

If Munchak is below .500 in the first eight games, he should be fired and they should replace him with one of their coordinators.

Defensive coordinator Jerry Gray should become the head coach mid-season if Munchak is fired. It is their best option and he has potential to be a decent head coach.

As for Munchak, if the Titans want to keep him, he needs a record of (8-8) or above to even be considered to come back for a third season. The Titans are in for a rude awakening in a division that will only get better while they are slowly taking steps backward.

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