NFL Rumors: The 2013 NFL Playoffs Claim a Victim in Robert Griffin III

By Craig Ballard

The 2013 NFL Playoffs may have claimed a major victim as rumor is breaking that Robert Griffin III has torn both his Anterior Cruciate Ligament (ACL) and his Posterior Cruciate Ligament (PCL). Ouch. The word is that he will still get the knee evaluated further. As of yet, there is no official announcement.

It was interesting to see Mike Shanahan touch on Adrian Peterson and his remarkable recovery from a busted leg in his press conference just hours prior to the news coming out that Griffin could require surgery and rest to the tune of 14-18 months. Wow.

For many of you, I know it is not hindsight when you say that you would have taken Griffin out of the game when it was painfully clear that he was hobbled (to put it mildly), with some perhaps even shying away from playing him in week 16 and week 17 if he is still not well.

The thing that stands out here is the Washington Redskins top passing performance of 2012 that was authored by Kirk Cousins. It was even in recent memory as it was just three weeks ago. Cousins torched the Cleveland Browns on the road for 329 yards (two touchdowns, one interception). Granted, he was not a guy who was called on often in 2012, but when he did play, he produced in big spots for this team.

Cousins has the flu, but clearly that is not something that has the potential to get out of control and cost him next season like Griffin and his one leg will now do. He is wonderful at running that offense, but Alfred Morris is a legit running back even when it is Cousins under center, so the Redskins had other valid options available, other valid routes to take, which makes the situation that much more perplexing.

I surely hope for a quick and successful recovery for Griffin. This young man is wonderful for the game of football.

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