Washington Redskins Fans Say Team was Piping in Crowd Noise During Loss

By Kase Brammer
Washington Redskins Fans
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

The excuses for the loss came in heavy following the Washington Redskins loss to the Seattle Seahawks on Sunday. QB Robert Griffin III wasn’t healthy, the Seahawks were holding receivers, Kirk Cousins should have played and the list goes on and on. However, throughout the game the crowd still didn’t seem to give up. Or did they? DC sports blogger Dan Steinberg received numerous tweets saying the team was pumping in noise through speakers in the stadium.

This is actually quite surprising considering the amount of times the Seahawks have been accused of piping in noise to Century Link Field. There has never been proof of this occurrence, only speculation because players and coaches do not think a stadium can get that loud. It does. There is no help from the outside–only a well built stadium and a crowd that gets loud and rowdy for four quarters.

The weird thing about this is that it was their own fans accusing the Redskins of doing this. They don’t sound like real fans to me at all. They should be happy the decision to cheat was made because tt was their only shot at winning this game. They kind of threw their own team under the bus and the NFL will be investigating this, so there is sure to be a fine coming the Redskins way. Some fans went as far as to say they were sitting right under a speaker in the stadium and they could hear the noise coming from it. Apparently, they stopped it late a few times.

Seahawks fans should not be mad because they won the game and it will only help them prepare for the dome they will play in on Sunday when the travel to take on the Atlanta Falcons. A playoff atmosphere is sure to pump up the crowd and the Seahawks have to know that it only gets harder from here.

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