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2013 NFL Playoffs: 5 Keys For A San Francisco 49ers Win Over Green Bay Packers

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5 Keys For A 49ers Victory

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The San Francisco 49ers are getting ready to play the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Division al playoffs this weekend and just like last year, maybe the Niners are being a little bit overlooked by the general public. There’s no question that San Fran is a very good team and they’ve beaten the Packers already so it is somewhat puzzling as to why most of the support has gone to the Packers? Perhaps the 49ers aren’t sexy enough for us but last time I checked, this wasn’t Alex Smith’s team, it was Colin Kaepernick’s!

In order to beat the Packers, there are a few key things the 49ers must do to beat the charging Packers. These keys are likely the same one’s that led San Francisco to a season opening win in Green Bay, only now it’s Kaepernick that is running the show and not the bus driver Alex Smith. This Niners offense is far more explosive than the one under Smith and that team put up 30 points of the Packers defense. So what has changed since that day that might make people believe in the Green Bay more this time around? I’m not sure what the answer to that question is but I do know we should expect a really good game.

San Francisco can advance to the NFC Championship game by executing these 5 keys to defeating the Green Bay Packers. Do these things and they will be in back-to-back Championship games, but if they fail at one or more, they may find themselves watching from home next week.

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5. Put Colin Kaepernick On The Move

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Key number 5 is getting Colin Kaepernick on the move. The Packers are an aggressive defense that likes to bring pressure, so to counter that, the Niners need to use bootlegs and plays that get Kaepernick room to make a play. It shouldn’t be hard for the Niners since the QB is an excellent athlete and is very good outside the pocket.

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4. Run The Ball

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Key number 4 is to get the running game going with Frank Gore. Again, the Packers defense is very aggressive and isn’t very stout against the run. They care more about pressure and turnovers than they do about slowing the run game. Frank Gore had 112 yards and a touchdown the first time around so they should be able to have some success running it. Running the ball well also keeps Aaron Rodgers on the sideline and he can’t beat you from there.

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3. Score Touchdowns, Not Field Goals

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The third key to beating the Packers is to take advantage of their red zone and scoring opportunities. The Packers will score points, they always do, so one of the best ways to beat them is to score touchdowns when they are in the red zone. Kicking field goals will not be enough, they need to score touchdowns when they have a chance because kicking field goals will get you beat against the Green Bay offense.

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2. Pressure Aaron Rodgers

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Key number 2 to beating the Packers is to pressure Aaron Rodgers. This is not a secret, the key to beating Rodgers and the Packers is to pressure him and force him into bad throws. The Packers offensive line isn’t great so getting pressure shouldn’t be too difficult. The Packers love to go down the field so if the Niners force them into shorter throws and longer drives, they can put more pressure on the quarterback, cause a turnover or two and win the game.

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1. Make Packers Offense One Dimensional

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The last key is to stop the run. Green Bay has improved its running attack of late and if the 49ers defense can slow that down, they can make the Packers one dimensional. When you know your opponent can’t run the ball you can make them one dimensional and then you can key in on that. As I said earlier, if San Fran can stop the run, they can then bring more pressure and force Rodgers into some bad throws. It’s much harder to pass when the defense knows that’s all you can do. Stopping the run will be huge for this Niners defense.

If San Francisco can do these 5 things, they’ll be playing again next week for the NFC Championship.