Denver Broncos: Weather Will Not be a Factor

By Joe Morrone

Ron Chenoy-USA TODAY Sports

The sky is falling mentality among Denver Broncos fans has been at an all-time high all season, but now we are getting a tad bit insane. It’s understandable, to a degree, for a fan base that has gotten used to disappointment, but this is a different team. The latest worry for Broncos fans is the weather and it’s been going on now for a week. When the first 10-day forecast came out on Jan. 2, some fans immediately starting saying “It might snow, it will be cold, we are done.” Do these people sit around and look for reasons to jump off a cliff?

For the record: the latest forecast has the game-time temperature in the mid 20’s, partly sunny and little wind. This is Colorado and that’s what happens in January. Playing a football game when the temperature is in the 20’s is no big deal. In fact, most football players would tell you that they don’t even notice it. They are moving around and focused on what they are doing. It there was going to be wind, snow, rain or bitter cold, then that might have an effect, but playing a football game in the mid-20’s is no big deal.

As for Peyton Manning, some people are also freaking out about Manning playing in the cold weather and how that will affect the nerves in his hand. Why do you think Manning wore a glove on his throwing hand during the last two games of the season when the temperatures were mild? It wasn’t because something happened to his hand. It’s because Manning prepares for everything.

He knew there might be some cold weather games in the playoffs, so he wore the glove in the last two regular season games to prepare for this exact situation and you know what? He threw the ball better in those games then he has all season. The ball had more zip and a tighter spiral. He may never take the glove off. Haven’t Bronco fans learned by now that Manning prepares for every possible situation? I’m sure he’s prepared for minus 20 degrees.

There are no guarantees of victory. It is the playoffs and the Baltimore Ravens are a good football team. Having said that, the Broncos should win the football game and if they don’t, it certainly won’t be because it was too cold.

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