Did the Bears get the Memo on Mike Singletary?

Cary Edmondson-USA TODAY Sports

Unlike many Chicago Bears fans, I’ve always thought that Mike Singletary was one of the most overrated players I’ve seen in my lifetime. To preface this statement, being overrated does not mean one isn’t a good football player. But Singletary was a good football player on a great team. His value as an on-the-field leader certainly cannot be ignored, but his overall talents weren’t as good as his legend would lead one to believe.

With all the above being said, he was a mitigated disaster as a head coach with the San Francisco 49ers. It got so bad that even late night host David Letterman would take regular shots at Singletary. While his teams performed poorly on the field, his antics in the locker room were famous. One such moment was when Singletary removed his pants while screaming at his team. While the reasons for removing his pants were never quite understood, he supposedly left nothing to the imagination.

Earlier today, the Bears announced their intentions of interviewing Singletary for their vacant head coaching position. Are they serious? While NFL teams are required to interview minority candidates as mandated by the Rooney Rule, the Bears have met this obligation when they interviewed Atlanta Falcons special teams coach and former Bears assistant Keith Armstrong. I am not suggesting that either candidate was interviewed because of the Rooney Rule, but Singletary’s track record as a coach seems to make him one of the worst candidates in modern coaching history. Currently, Singletary is the the linebackers and assistant head coach with the Minnesota Vikings. His current boss Leslie Frazier was his teammate with the 1985 Bears. Their relationship goes deep from both their playing days and their religious beliefs. Singletary and Frazier are very devout Christians and active members of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes.

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