Jacksonville Jaguars Should Avoid Bidding War For GM Candidate Dave Caldwell

By Joey Farbo
Jacksonville Jaguars Shad Khan
Jake Roth-USA TODAY Sports

For a week we have been hearing that Atlanta Falcons director of player personnel Dave Caldwell has been the overwhelming favorite to land the vacant Jacksonville Jaguars general manager position.

However, after interviewing Caldwell three times the Jaguars have yet to come to a deal with him and he now has scheduled a second interview with New York Jets for their general manager job. Reports are that the mutual interest between the Jaguars and Caldwell is strong, but that there is a difference when it comes to the amount of money he would be making with the Jaguars.

There is no good reason that any general manager candidate that had his pick of jobs would even remotely consider taking the Jets job because they are a complete dumpster fire with a head coach already in place and a couple of bad contracts on the books. Caldwell and his agent are simply using the Jets to try and spark a bidding war between two of the richest owners in the NFL for his services.

Jaguars owner Shahid Khan should not bite and stand firm with his offer. Caldwell is as unproven as all of the other general manager candidates currently on the market and there is absolutely no guarantee that his hiring will translate into success for the Jaguars on the field, so he is simply not worthy of entering a bidding war for.

None of the vacant general managers positions have been filled yet this offseason, so the field is still wide open. If Caldwell chooses to take a job with the Jets in a clearly inferior situation for more money, Khan and the Jaguars can move on to look at the other qualified candidates that are currently on the market.

Sure the Jaguars are going to have to overpay to get players to come play here, but they should not have to overpay for a general manager. They have one of the 32 NFL GM jobs in the world and people should be lining up to do that job for a fair price.

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