Jimmy Raye Should Be Named San Diego Chargers New GM

By Anthony Blake
Dean Spanos - San Diego Chargers
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When sweeping changes begin to take place within any walk of life, sometimes it seems like finding answers close to home just isn’t possible. For the San Diego Chargers and their ongoing search for a general manager, that is what many of us may have thought coming into the process. After some further examination however, maybe the best man for the job has been in San Diego all along.

Chargers director of player personnel Jimmy Raye has been with Bolts since 1996 and was responsible for much of the scouting it took to uncover some of the hidden gems that former GM A.J. Smith got credit for. There is a reason that Raye has been given consideration for other vacant GM jobs recently including the Chicago Bears gig last offseason; the man knows what he is doing.

According to recent reports, both Raye and Indianapolis Colts director of player personnel Tom Telesco are the two front-runners for the Bolts GM spot. The franchise found both candidates to be “very impressive” in their interviews which suggests that within a day or two, there may be a new man appointed to run the show in San Diego.

What this situation feels like more than anything is an attempt to ‘out-think the room’ so to speak. There is no reason to get cute or creative when attempting to fill a position if the best man for the job is right under your nose. Raye has the experience with the San Diego scouting system, he is accustomed to the area having been with the franchise for 17 years, and his loyalty has been unbending.

It’s great that the Bolts are doing their due diligence in making this hire at a critical juncture for them as a franchise, but they also need to land a head coach. Getting Raye in place as the GM would allow that interview process to hit the ground running and then perhaps they will have a new man ready to roam the sidelines by the time the Super Bowl rolls around. Fans just hope that that face will be capable of being the one roaming the sidelines on Super Sunday sooner rather than later.

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