Kansas City Chiefs fans look for stability

By Damon Salvadore


Kirby Lee-US Presswire

The Kansas City Chiefs are the worst team for the 2012 NFL season. Injuries, mistakes and bad on field performance helped contribute to that title. The Chiefs haven’t won a playoff game since Joe Montana was their quarterback  in 1993. That’s the third longest playoff win drought only to the Cincinnati Bengals and Detroit Lions. The Hunt family has held a high standard in Kansas City. Maybe too high.

The Chiefs didn’t give Romeo Crennel much time. Just one full season and 19 total games coached by Crennel for the Chiefs. Chiefs fans are used to to this by now. The Chiefs have had 4 coaches since 2008. Lets think about that for a second and put it into perspective.  The Pittsburgh Steelers have had three coaches since 1969. The Chiefs have had more coaches in the last 4 years than the Steelers have had in the last 43 years.

So here comes Andy Reid from the Philadelphia Eagles. Reid has never been the best coach in the NFL and he’s not the best with time management either. His last few seasons with the Eagles ended terribly not even making the playoffs. However Reid has a great resume that we all know about. With the Eagles he made it to five NFC conference championship games and made it to a Superbowl. Reid was the coach of the Eagles for 14 seasons. That’s what Chiefs fans are looking for, stability. Chiefs need to give a head coach time to prove himself.

Most people (including myself )thought Reid would choose the Arizona Cardinals. It is still unclear why exactly Reid chose the Chiefs over the Cardinals. Especially when the Cardinals have the best wide receiver in the entire NFL and emerging superstar corner Patrick Peterson. Maybe the Chiefs offered more money. Maybe the Chiefs guaranteed Reid would get a fair chance instead of just a one and done season.

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