Kansas City Chiefs Near Decision on New Offensive Coordinator

By Curt Popejoy
Brad Childress
David Richard-US PRESSWIRE

When the Kansas City Chiefs hired their new head coach Andy Reid it ignited the fanbase. When they fired then general manager Scott Pioli everyone got even more excited. A few days ago I reported here that the Chiefs were looking to the Green Bay Packers for their new general manager with Packers director of  football operations John Dorsey as their top target. This is close and they are in contract talks. But along with that, the next move is who Reid will hire as his offensive coordinator.

Whomever the Chiefs bring in will have some pieces to work with, and the current rumor is current offensive coordinator for the Cleveland Browns Brad Childress is the guy.  Let me say I am very fortunate to be in communication with so many people connected to the Chiefs franchise either in media or otherwise, and while I am not going to call them out by name here understand that this is a rumor based on their input, and I trust in what they say.

Childress seems to make a lot of sense on multiple levels for the Chiefs. Childress has made a lot out of much less talent and has shown he can rally talent to work hard for him. He’s never been a great head coach, but as with so many talented coordinators they flame out when put in charge of an entire team. I think this would be an excellent hire for the Chiefs if they can get him in. His offensive philosophy would mesh well with the players on this roster and pared with Reid and Dorsey should be able to bring in a very good quarterback for this team. Fingers crossed Chiefs fans, changes are comin’!


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