Kansas City Chiefs should consider Tim Tebow

By Damon Salvadore
Tim Tebow Kansas City Chiefs
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The Kansas City Chiefs don’t have a general manager right now. The team fired Scott Pioli after four seasons with the team, and rightfully so. Here’s a little message for the incoming general manager and the Hunt family; Len Dawson isn’t walking through that door. It’s been a very inconsistent position to fill in Kansas City since Trent Green was the full time starter. Chiefs have started seven different quarterbacks since Green in 2006.

The most popular quarterback to possibly leave his team is Alex Smith. However there is no guarantee the Sanfransisco 49ers will trade Alex Smith. And even if the 49ers are willing to trade Smith to the Chiefs it will hurt financially. Smith’s current contract has him making eight million dollars per season over the next two years.  Smith is a good game manager, but hes not worth it. Smith will be turning 29 heading into next season.

Tebow Florida
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So now that brings us to Tim Tebow. Tebow at 25 years old will cost less than two million dollars per season. A way better better financial option. Tebow is a proven winner, in the NFL. He took over a sorry 1-4 Denver Broncos team last season and lead them to the playoffs. I remind everyone that the broncos were ranked 24th in defense last season. He may not have Troy Aikman‘s accuracy or Brett Favre‘s throwing power, but his ability to win a game is indisputable.

Tebow critics will constantly critique his throwing style. However Tebow performed great last season with 6 game winning drives. Tebow doesn’t put up the most yards or highest passer rating, but he protects the football. Tebow only had six interceptions last season. And oh yea, there was the 316 passing yards in the playoffs against the Pittsburgh Steelers. In 13 games last season Tebow only threw an interception in 4 of those games.

The New York Jets signed Tebow as their media side show. Nothing else. They didn’t let Tebow start a single game. Jets allowed Tebow to throw only eight passes the entire season. And what happened? Jets went 6-10. There was at least three more games that Tebow would have won for the Jets in 2012.

Matt Cassell isn’t the answer. Injuries are starting to mount up and hes just not producing enough. This Chiefs franchise needs a resurgence. They need something new. They need a young franchise quarterback.  They need Tim Tebow.

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