Rob Ryan Is Out In Dallas

By Riley Schmitt
Brad Mills-USA TODAY Sports

Rob Ryan and his defense did not have the best end to 2012. The Dallas Cowboys were so beat up that it was hard to field a fully healthy defense. The team ended up missing the playoffs and there are whispers that he is actually out of a job now.

Ordinarily, I would question a report like this but this guy does cover the New York Jets.  He probably has some sources that are close to Rex Ryan, who would know if his brother was still employed or not.  It may seem like a strange spot to start a story from but it is pro sports.  Nothing ever really makes a whole ton of sense.

Now that makes a bit more sense. Since Ryan is out of a job, I would like to start the speculation that he will end up in New York. His brother needs one last push to keep his job and maybe his brother can help the defense improve some up in NY.

I don’t think he will be out of a job long as someone is going to take the plunge and bring him in some capacity.  His brother’s team sounds like a good fit but who knows?  We will see what the rumor mill has in store for him in the coming weeks.

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