Tennessee Titans: Nothing to lose, all to gain in Free Agency

By Jeremy Hayes
Tennessee Titans Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE
Steve Mitchell-US PRESSWIRE

The Tennessee Titans are going into the off-season after a highly mediocre season, but show that they are a team with potential on offense.

The Titans won their final of game of the season, leaving their record at (6-10). This puts them in poor position for the NFL Draft, but still high enough to get good potential talent pending on how well they draft. They are an average team as far as drafting players, but where they can really make a splash is in free agency.

This free agency class is not filled with any huge names or contracts (not too many at least), so it gives the Titans a chance to go after skilled players who can fill in at certain positions on offense.

First, they need to try and resign tight end Jared Cook, they can’t give up on him. They should pay him and overpay if they have to, because when you resign a player of your own, you usually have to pay a little extra for him to stay.

The Titans should go for the phrase “cheap and skilled,” and wide receiver Kevin Ogletree is the best at the bottom of the barrel of free agents. With 14 million dollars of cap space, this is a move that will barely make a dent, which is a good thing.

With Jake Locker coming into his third year, this will be his chance to prove himself, or it is good-bye to him and Mike Munchak. Running back Chris Johnson should come back, but with a bit of help, like signing a few veteran offensive linemen, as well as a good backup running back. A little man named Danny Woodhead could be a good impact for Johnson and Locker in the passing game.

Woodhead would be a strange signing, but could be an impact player for the Titan’s offense.

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