The New York Jets Should Trade Darrelle Revis

By mattpoliquin
New York Jets
Debby Wong

I’m about to suggest something New York Jets fans would consider blasphemous:  They should trade Darrelle Revis within this calendar year.

Yes.  I said it.

The Jets season has been a laughable series of ups and downs.  A self-created quarterback controversy that amounted to nothing more than publicity stunt — a head coach in Rex Ryan who’s a walking punch line — and a front office that’s in turmoil after the firing of former GM Mike Tannenbaum.

So why suggest such a drastic move?

Most fans would consider the notion of trading Revis as an act of insanity.  But when you take in account the Jets needs and where the team’s strength and weakness’ lie, it’s safe to say the secondary is not a major concern.  In fact, it’s where they excelled in 2012.  When Revis went down in week three against the Miami Dolphins, Jets nation took a collective deep breath.  The outlook at the corner position was bleak for the rest of the season — and rightfully so — but the Jets’ secondary didn’t miss a beat. The team finished with the second best pass defense giving up a mere 189.8 yards per game.  A stunning statistic giving the fact their best corner missed the majority of the season, coupled with a lack of a viable offense.

And what was the reason for this miraculous production?  The play of Antonio CromartieYeremiah BellLaRon Landry and Kyle Wilson.

We all know how talented of a player Darrelle Revis is.  We’re also aware of the potential holdout in 2013 that’s reminiscent of 2011.  Revis will enter next year on a surgically repaired ACL, an injury that Minnesota Vikings running back Adrian Peterson proved possible to come back from.  So the likelihood of getting a quality return for Revis’ services is a potential jackpot, right? Think of the possibilities.  The Jets could deal Revis for draft picks (which we all know they need desperately).  They could also work out a deal that acquires some offensive firepower from another team (which is also a major concern).

Wouldn’t it make sense to deal Revis now when the NFL has seen passing attempts skyrocket, with the need for a shutdown corner at a premium?  I think so. Wouldn’t it makes sense to bring back Yeremiah Bell and LaRon Landry — who will likely seek long term deals after their performances in 2012 — instead of breaking the bank on Revis who reportedly is seeking anywhere from 15 to 17 million dollars a year?  Absolutely.

When Revis’ career is all said and done, it’s possible he may go down as one of the greatest cover corners this side of Deion Sanders.  But when you weigh the options, and consider the Jets needs, cornerback is not the issue.

Revis wants an absurd amount of money.  He also has a clause in his contract that restricts the Jets from franchising him in when he becomes a free agent in 2014. He held out once already and is likely to hold out again.

It all boils down to this:  Darrelle Revis is not a franchise quarterback  — he’s a cornerback.

So he should start acting like one.

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