What is Taking Philadelphia Eagles So Long to Replace Head Coach Andy Reid?

By Joe Doris
Kim Klement-USA TODAY Sports

Following his termination from the Philadelphia Eagles last Monday, Andy Reid quickly found a new head coaching gig with the Kansas City Chiefs just a few days later.

So why haven’t the Eagles even come close to selecting their new head coach?

There are multiple reasons that tie into Eagles owner Jeffrey Lurie’s and his organization’s indecision, and the biggest one should be pretty obvious.

It is an incredibly daunting task to replace a man who led your team to an incredible nine playoff appearances, including a Super Bowl, in just 14 years with the Eagles. Of course 14 years is a very long tenure, especially for an NFL head coach, but the success that Reid had in that amount of time is truly amazing.

Reid was widely regarded as the primary target for many other NFL teams who canned their head coaches on 2012’s very eventful ‘Black Monday’ once he was shoved out of Philly. But while former Chicago Bears head coach Lovie Smith also looked like a man who would be courted quickly, he has yet to find work for next season.

One factor that should contribute greatly to the Eagles’ head coaching selection is the importance in finding a suitor who can handle a boatload of criticism and distraction.

The city of Philly is well known for being so committed to their professional sports teams that they will quickly turn on their players and coaches if expectations are not met. It is usually pretty rare for an entire stadium to relentlessly boo their own home team regularly when things are not going well, but not for Eagles fans.

It takes some thick skin, to say the least, when it comes to coaching the Eagles, and that is something that Reid certainly proved to have in his 14 years with the team.

So in reality, the Eagles should take as much time as they need in their search for a new head coach, because Coach Reid sure left some massive shoes to fill.


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