Buffalo Bills Hire Former New York Jets Defensive Coordinator Mike Pettine

By Scott DelleFave
Pettine, Mike 1
Rich Barnes-USA TODAY Sports

Today it’s been announced that the Buffalo Bills have hired former New York Jets defensive coordinator Mike Pettine Jr. to the same position within their organization. Pettine had top tier defenses for his entire tenure with the Jets, including the the eighth rated defense this year despite losing star cornerback Darrelle Revis in week three. He was also at the helm of the Jets top rated defense in 2009.

Pettine has been Rex Ryan’s “right hand man” ever since they were together coaching for the Baltimore Ravens. He also runs a unique version of the hybrid defense with pressure and mass confusion. With all the talent that there is on this defense including Mario Williams and now second year cornerback Stephon Gilmore, as those two guys and the rest of the defense should be doing back flips in Western New York.

After years of the same old, same old with the Bills, this continues to be a mutatis mutandis (Latin for things that needed changing and have been changed) off-season in Buffalo and it’s about time. Bills fans seem to be re-invigorated on social media as the team isn’t going with a re-treaded coach like Chan Gailey or Dick Jauron, even Hall of Fame coach Marv Levy was one. If this works out the Bills could have flipped the switch and ignited an AFC East surge again and  teams will be blindsided as the organization wakes up from it’s 13 year nap and will be angry.

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