For Washington Redskins, Mission Was Accomplished Despite RG3 Injury

By Ricky Allen
Eric Hartline-USA TODAY Sports


Washington Redskins Quarterback Robert Griffin III will have the rest of the year to relax knowing there’s a chance to play next season, thanks to Dr. James Andrews of the Andrews Institute.

Today on, Andrews released the following statement:

“Robert Griffin III had successful knee surgery early this morning. He had a direct repair of his LCL and a re-do of his previous ACL reconstruction. We expect a full recovery and it is everybody’s hope and belief that due to Robert’s high motivation, he will be ready for the 2013 season.

“The goal of his treatment is to give him the best opportunity for a long professional career.”

RG3 was lucky:  His injury, along with the “decisions” made by him and head coach Mike Shanahan came during a game that was hard to watch. However, it concluded the season with one thought: Mission Accomplished.

The Redskins finished the season as the NFC East Division Champions. They watched the New York Giants get eliminated from the playoffs, the Philadelphia Eagles shimmy away to nothing, and the Dallas Cowboys self destruct.   They beat the Cowboys on Thanksgiving Day and finished them off at the end of the regular season. These were two huge games, not because of the Cowboys element, but because of the types of games they were: Prime time at its best.  Then they get to the playoffs.

So, if you’re placing checks in the box, this season was great. Here’s an even better thought: Teams are playing this weekend in the Redskins’ wake.

But I can’t help but wonder what the chaos would be like if this type of injury had happened around Week 5 or 7. I’m not talking about the concussion or the other bumps and bruises, but this reality: RG3 sitting down and waiting until next season. And with that being said, this is why Shanahan allowed RG3 to play to the extent he did Sunday.  He had accomplished his goals. Getting to the Super Bowl would have been a bonus. It wasn’t an expectation.

This wasn’t a building year, but a results-oriented one. I think everyone came out on top.   For Griffin, lessons were learned. At the end of the day, the Redskins don’t need heroes, they need players–healthy ones. Too much has been sacrificed to accept anything less.  RG3, this season, put the community and the team on his back. Now he will need everyone to carry him for a while, something that he’s truly earned. The operation he’s had will only have worth if he’s on the field Week 1, if not preseason.  The Redskins can’t fall backwards now.



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