It's Obvious What Next Step Is For Dallas Cowboys

By Ben Grimaldi
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Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones promised big changes last week and it took only a few days for the firings, I mean changes, to start. First it was running backs coach Skip Peete and yesterday it was defensive coordinator Rob Ryan who got the axe. So it’s only fair to ask what’s the next move for the Cowboys, because these aren’t likely to be the only moves made.

In fact writer Jean-Jacques Taylor reports that Jones is still fuming over how the Cowboys season ended. Some people may not be happy with the firing of Ryan and there are also those who think there was no reason to get rid of Peete but the reality is that those coaches, no matter the circumstances, were not getting the job done. Sure, there are injuries and talent issues but I’ve been hearing for years how the Cowboys lack accountability and now that it appears the team has some, people don’t like it.

I’m trying hard to understand what it will take to please you? Actually, I take that back. I know what will please you but for the millionth time, Jerry Jones is not going to fire himself so find something else to concern yourself with, like trying to figure out what the next move will be.

Actually, that should have an easy answer too: the hiring of an offensive coordinator to call plays or just appointing Bill Callahan to do the job. Yes, I believe Ryan deserved to be fired but so does Jason Garrett, as the play caller. Jones said things were going to get uncomfortable around the Cowboys this off-season and that should not exempt his head coach. Garrett did not have a great season as a play caller and he should be held accountable for that. He had a poor offensive line that altered his ability to call plays but just like Ryan had injuries to his defense, there are no excuses.

I don’t have the answer as to who should be brought in as offensive coordinator but change is necessary. Garrett’s inability to be creative or have any consistency with an offense that has talented players is unacceptable. His system has become boring and predictable and things need to change next season or he’ll likely be gone as well because if the owner is this mad this year, imagine how he’d feel if the Cowboys miss the playoffs for a fourth straight year!

There was a large majority of people who didn’t like the Ryan firing and felt Garrett should be held responsible as well. Tell me, if the Cowboys make the next necessary change and bring in someone to call the plays, will you still be that upset?

You all wanted accountability, well the next shoe should be dropping any day now. And it should land on the lap of Jason Garrett.

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