New York Jets to Interview Pittsburgh Steelers Omar Khan for General Manager

By Curt Popejoy
PIttsburgh Steelers

I never like getting bad news. And I especially don’t like getting bad news about the Pittsburgh Steelers. But unfortunately that’s exactly what I got tonight when I found out that the Steelers Director of Business & Football Administration Omar Khan was headed to New York to interview for the New York Jets now vacant general manager position.

Khan is one of the top NFL front office staff. He’s an absolute wizard with working the salary cap and always finds ways to keep the Steelers under the cap when it appears that it isn’t possible. This off-season in particular was going to take all he had to get the Steelers salary situation in order. But if this is true that Khan wants to run the Jets and the Jets want him to, there’s going to be some real problems in Pittsburgh.

Khan is a true NFL success story. He’s been doing whatever it takes to be successful in this league since he began as a student at Tulane back in the 90’s. He’s been with the Steelers since 2001, and has been able to help assemble 2 Super Bowl winning teams. He’s young at only 35 years old and would make an ideal general manager candidate.

And the Jets could use a man like Khan. The franchise has been in a state of instability for the past season, and a figure like Khan as the general manager would immediately begin to right the ship. But for the Steelers and their fans this would be a devastating blow to their front office at a time when they could really use him.

More will come out about this tomorrow, but knowing what kind of person and what kind of employee Khan is and has been for the Steelers, I have a hard time thinking he won’t win over the Jets as well.


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