New York Jets Won't Get Better With Rex Ryan Still Around

By Andy Schmidt
Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets were a mess in 2012 and now it looks like nothing is really going to change for 2013 with Rex Ryan still in charge. The Jets desperately need an offensive mind that is going to make the offense go instead of being a strict running game with no real pass threat. It also may be time to get another quarterback and something that the team should consider with their first pick in April’s National Football League draft.

The quarterback position was terrible this season with Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow and the Jets may want to consider someone like Geno Smith or Mike Glennon with their pick. It is a stretch to say it was just the quarterback that failed New York this season but getting a quarterback along with an offensive coordinator that knows something could go a long way towards changing the fortunes of the team.

The AFC East isn’t a great division at all and if the Jets can make some minor changes, there isn’t any doubt that they can be back around the .500 mark again in 2013. I would have got rid of Ryan personally and started new with a brand-new offense but that won’t be happening. It just means that Ryan will have to find a way to fix what is ailing the team. That won’t be easy at all and maybe a season with a healthy roster would help. Otherwise, Ryan may be looking for a new job at this time next year because another year like this past one won’t work.

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