Status Quo or Real Change for San Diego Chargers this Offseason?

By Anthony Blake
Dean Spanos - San Diego Chargers
Robert Benson-USA Today Sports

Wednesday could be the day for the San Diego Chargers to make a vitally important announcement concerning the future of the franchise. The club is finished with the interviewing process of general manager candidates and team president Dean Spanos is expected to make his decision soon regarding just who gets the nod. There are two clear front runners for the job, but who will Spanos decide to go with?

Both Jimmy Raye, Chargers director of player personnel, and Tom Telesco, Indianapolis Colts director of player personnel, are thought of as the favorites to land the gig. Telesco was in for a second interview on Tuesday while Raye has long been thought of as the leader in the clubhouse. Either one of these men would be more than fitting to handle the duty of reconstructing this San Diego roster, but there will be an even more important task at hand immediately following their hiring.

The Bolts still need to find a head coach as well and that pool of candidates is getting thinner by the hour. The team has contacted UCLA coach Jim Mora about opening and some still believe that Ron Wolf’s presence as a consultant on the committee to hire a new GM and coach will push Mike Holmgren into the mix. Holmgren and Wolf were together during a successful run with the Green Bay Packers during the 1990s.

Mora and Holmgren would both likely jump at the chance to get back into coaching at the top level of football and would be willing to accept any terms that the Bolts may require of them. It seems more and more likely that the Chargers won’t be undergoing any major reconstruction of the power structure within the organization however if one of these two are hired. That is a bit disconcerting considering how the downward trend of the past three seasons has only accelerated due to the ongoing status quo mentality.

Whoever has their name announced as the next GM for the Bolts will be facing plenty of criticism right off of the bat. It appears that the decision to purge Norv Turner and A.J. Smith was more of a ploy to appease an unruly fan base than an actual overhaul of the franchise. Only time will tell, but don’t hold your breath for any real change with this organization.

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