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2013 NFL Playoffs: San Francisco 49ers In Good Hands With Colin Kaepernick

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When the San Francisco 49ers made the switch from Alex Smith to Colin Kaepernick, there were plenty of people shaking their heads. How could head coach Jim Harbaugh entrust a player who had never seen meaningful snaps in the NFL over a player in Smith, who led the 49ers to an NFC title game last year?

Perhaps the last seven weeks have shown everyone why Kaepernick is now the man to lead the 49ers. Since becoming the Niners starting quarterback, Kaepernick has thrown for more touchdowns in those seven games than Smith did in his first nine plus games. Their quarterback ratings are also very similar but it’s Kaepernick’s running ability that sets them apart. Smith is no slouch as an athlete but Kaepernick is on another level and takes the San Francisco offense to new heights.

Last year in the NFC Championship game, the Niners defense was dominating the game against the New York Giants and it was evident that if the Giants were going to score, it was going to be because of a 49ers mistake. Which happened, twice. The problem is, it was just as clear that Alex Smith wasn’t going to win the game for the 49ers. There should be no such fear with Kaepernick.

Since Kaepernick has taken over as the starting quarterback he beat what was then a very good Chicago Bears team in his first career start and later in the season he went into Foxboro and beat the New England Patriots. Now he’s ready for the next challenge, the Green Bay Packers in the NFC playoffs this weekend.

If you don’t believe me, ask 49ers coach Jim Harbaugh;

“It’s been extremely good,” Harbaugh said Wednesday. “He’s progressing very well, he’s very on it. The focus has been very good.”

Alex Smith was a nice quarterback for San Francisco, but he was described as a ‘bus driver’ for the Niners. there is no such label with Colin   Kaepernick.

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