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5 Steps To Improve Dallas Cowboys Quarterback Tony Romo

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5 Steps To Improving Tony Romo

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Early on into the Dallas Cowboys 2012 season when Tony Romo was struggling there were all sorts of theories why. Mine was that he needed help. I conceded, as everyone probably could have, that despite being one of the Cowboys best players and a leader, he wasn’t Peyton Manning. He isn’t the type of quarterback that can take on the responsibility for everything on the offense and make it his. It’s not a k nock on Romo because Manning is one of the all-time great quarterbacks, but it’s just to point out how important it is to understand Romo’s limits. He’s a very good quarterback of winning the Cowboys a lot of games.

However, it’s been in some of the biggest games where Tony Romo has shrunk. If you disagree with that, you’re either not being honest or you’re not paying attention. The season finale against the Washington Redskins probably put the nail in the coffin for many Cowboys fans on Romo as their quarterback and while I can’t disagree with that notion I still believe the Cowboys can win big with Tony Romo as the starting quarterback. The team just needs to do a better job of doing things around Romo to help him out. Improving in these areas will help make Romo a better quarterback and take some of the pressure off of a player that has been known to fold in big spots.

If the Cowboys can get better in these 5 aspects of their game, we may see Tony Romo improve in big game situations. Taking everything off his shoulders and helping him out would go a long way in the Dallas Cowboys getting back on track. No one can promise Romo will be clutch if these 5 things are done but we can all reasonably assume if they aren’t, the results will be the same.

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5. Tony Romo Soul Searches

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Step number 5 has to do with Romo himself. Every off-season, Romo says he finds something different to work on to improve, yet he never tells us what he works on. That’s fine, it’s not necessary that he tell us his exact plan but he needs to take a long, hard look at himself and see how he can get better for next year. And then he needs to work even harder than ever at getting better (as much as you don’t believe it, Tony Romo is one of the hardest workers on the team). He needs to continue his trend of golfing less, which I’ve never had a problem with, and find out what it takes for him to become a more confident player. I don’t care if he has to look at himself in the mirror a million times and say he believes in himself, as long as it kicks in.

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4. Defense Causing More Turnovers

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Step number 4 is for the defense to take the ball away more. Getting turnovers and giving Tony Romo and the offense shorter fields to work with would be nice for a change. The Cowboys didn’t cause enough turnovers last season and when you have to drive the length of the field on too many of your drives, something bad is bound to happen. Put the opponent on their heels, work with a short field and build some momentum; all things that creating turnovers does. The more the defense does to help, the less stress put on Tony Romo’s shoulders.

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3. Better Play Calling

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The next 3 steps are the most obvious ones, starting with number 3, improve the play calling. The Cowboys offense has become stale, boring and predictable. If anyone could use a shiny new play caller, it’s Romo! The Cowboys offensive line struggles so wouldn’t it make sense to get Tony Romo on the move more instead of having him sitting in the pocket. Calling rollouts or bootlegs fit perfectly into Romo’s skills as a passer and would put more stress on the defense. Plays that combat the aggressiveness against Romo also would work well; any play that start one way and go another would work. It’s all about putting Romo in better positions to succeed and better play calling would certainly do that.

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2. Improved Run Game

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Step number 2 is improving the Cowboys running game. Everyone knows a quarterbacks best friend in the running game and that is certainly true with the Cowboys. The Cowboys are undefeated when DeMarco Murray has at least 20 carries, so that should be the team’s first clue about getting him, or any Cowboys running back into the game. Sometimes it doesn’t matter how successful you are in the run game, just that you keep the defense honest and guessing. It also keeps Tony Romo healthy because he’s not taking as many hits and doesn’t tire himself out running for his life on every play. A tired player makes mistakes and with all the pressure the defense puts on Romo, he sometimes gets skittish in the pocket, alleviating some of that pressure would be a major help.

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1. Upgrade The Offensive Line

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The biggest step the Cowboys can take in helping Tony Romo improve is getting better on the offensive line. There’s no mystery here, the Dallas Cowboys biggest problem is their offensive line, and it has been this way for years. I find it amazing that the Cowboys had their dynasty when they had a dominant offensive line, by the way Jason Garrett was part of those teams, yet they still haven’t figured out that they need a strong offensive line to be successful. Giving a quarterback more time to throw in the pocket is immensely important and the quarterbacks who are sacked the least amount of times tend to have the most success, Romo hasn’t had time in years. Everyone knows that Tony Romo struggles with pressure up the middle so drafting or signing guards or centers that can actually play would go a long way in making him a better quarterback. It would also improve their running game, which we already know will improve this team.

We all know Tony Romo isn’t perfect but he can improve if the Cowboys just get him a little help. Putting less pressure on Romo can help make him a better quarterback and doing these 5 things will do just that.