Chicago Bears: Phil Emery's Coach Search Is Heading In The Right Direction

By alibud69
David Banks-USA TODAY Sports

I have come to the realization that many are guilty of being unable to rationally discern what they actually want from the Chicago Bears in return for their respective fandom.

After enduring many tweets during the Washington Redskins playoff game with the Seattle Seahawks yet again questioning Jay Cutler’s toughness and drive, a sentiment which worked out so well for the moronic crowd who won’t let the 2011 Championship game go (more on that later), I have spent the rest of my week since the firing of Lovie Smith and the subsequent head coach search that is still being conducted, enduring a whirlwind of bi-polar comments, that began with people effectively wanting to enshrine Phil Emery into the HOF, to the shift of impatience that has led to an increasing number of people questioning if the Bears GM really knows what he is doing.

Why are people so impatient for the Bears to hire a new head coach? I was an unashamed Lovie Smith apologist for eight of his nine year tenure in Chicago, I wanted him gone last offseason, but in truth wasn’t especially upset with the decision to give him one last shot for the 2012 NFL regular season.

Smith only made the postseason in three of his nine years in Chicago, but in the last six seasons he only achieved the postseason once. This is a fact everyone knows, but what I don’t get is why people are getting furious at Emery interviewing as many minds from around the NFL as possible.

For me it seems blatantly obvious that Emery is running a two pronged attack. In my view he has a very good idea of who he wants as the next Bears’ head coach, I would even go, as far as to suggest it will be a coach from one of the teams left in the playoffs. So the first side of the search the new Bears head coach is exactly as advertised.

The second portion of his head coach search is an exercise in information gathering. What do some of the greatest minds in the NFL perceive to be the on field problems in Chicago? How would they fix them? What do they make of the talent level currently at Halas Hall? What are they doing currently that is making their current team successful?

No piece of information is bad or useless, it provides Emery with numerous outside insights into issues with his franchise, and furthermore it provides him with insights into the minds of some of the teams the Bears will compete against in the next few seasons.

In sum Emery is doing the right thing, he is using his search for a new head coach as a free consultation period with some of the best minds in the game today, and let’s face it, if Emery gets this coaching selection right, it could be another decade or more before he is afforded the opportunity to pick so many brains clean again.

In sum, rather than whining and questioning why Emery has interviewed so many candidates, learn some patience, sit back and enjoy the ride. It is easy to play Internet GM, but in the real world I am glad the Bears finally have a GM who has the stones to strap some big boy pants onto Halas Hall and finally make it act like the big market organization it has always been. The Bears are moving into modern day football, enjoy the ride or jump off.

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