Jacksonville Jaguars Show Mike Mularkey Door

By Andy Schmidt
Steve Mitchell-USA TODAY Sports

The Jacksonville Jaguars were a terrible football team in 2012, struggling to a 2-14 record and on Thursday, it cost their coach Mike Mularkey his job. Mularkey was fired after just one year with Jacksonville and it would appear that Mularkey will never get a head coaching job again in the National Football League. The thing is that this wasn’t completely Mularkey’s fault.

The season started badly when Maurice Jones-Drew decided to hold out and was out for the first game of the regular season before suffering a season-ending foot injury. That injury alone probably cost Jacksonville at least two wins. It didn’t help when Blaine Gabbert got hurt as well and while Gabbert has proven that he is not the answer at quarterback for the Jaguars, he may have had a chance to improve throughout the season enough to get the Jaguars another win. If you use those two things, that would at least give Jacksonville five wins. That obviously isn’t enough for a coach to stay on board but would have looked better than 2-14.

Jacksonville joins the long line of NFL teams looking for a new head coach and the job is somewhat attractive in all honesty with the No. 2 pick coming in the draft along with Jones-Drew’s return and two young, talented wide receivers. If the right coach is brought in and if Justin Blackmon and Cecil Shorts continue to improve, Jacksonville could find themselves closer to the .500 mark in 2013 than in the NFL cellar. It’s going to be a long, hard job though for whoever comes in and Mularkey was the man in the wrong place at the wrong time.

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