Join Rant Sports NFL Playoffs Insider Google Hangout Tonight

By Craig Ballard
Jeff Hanisch-US PRESSWIRE is one of the fastest-growing sports websites on the planet and we have your 2013 NFL Playoffs covered. Game previews, X-factor info, aftermath articles, plus more, and tonight I will be hosting a Google Hangout for anyone who follows Rant Sports on Google Plus. The hangout will be from 8-9pm Eastern Time.

Feel free to drop in and ask the Rant Sports 2013 NFL Playoffs Insider anything that is on your mind regarding the National Football League playoffs. We can take a look of what lies ahead for the eliminated teams and/or get into the divisional weekend games.

If you already follow Rant Sports on Google Plus then you will receive an invitation to join tonight’s hangout. The invite will be sent just moments prior to 8pm Eastern Time, but please feel free to join us anytime between 8-9pm by accepting that invitation. If you are not yet following the Rant Sports Google Plus page then you can use this link below to follow which will get you into the mix with Rant Sports, and also allow you to be invited to our hangout tonight (plus it would get you involved with some of the massive things Rant Sports has on-deck for 2013).

Rant Sports Google Plus Page

I certainly hope you can join me tonight, and fire away with your questions/comments/concerns on the 2013 NFL Playoffs. In the meantime here are the links to the four divisional weekend game previews…

The Baltimore Ravens at Denver Broncos divisional weekend preview is RIGHT HERE

The Green Bay Packers at San Francisco 49ers divisional weekend preview is RIGHT HERE

The Seattle Seahawks at Atlanta Falcons divisional weekend preview is RIGHT HERE

The Houston Texans at New England Patriots divisional weekend preview is RIGHT HERE

I look forward to interacting with you tonight!


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