Kevin Gilbride Real Culprit For New York Giants Offensive Woes?

By Andrew Lecointe
Howard Smith — US Presswire

I have stated numerous times that it is time for the New York Giants to let go of offensive coordinator Kevin Gilbride, as he has probably worn out his stay with this unit. However, when you look at the statistics of what the Giants were able to do this year, it may not be all that bad.

The Giants ranked fifth in the NFL in points scored in 2012, averaging 27 points a game. The Giants were also ranked fourth in the league in yards per completion through the air. So the main question is–how did the Giants manage to put up those solid statistics and still appear to struggle offensively?

The most telling statistic to me that has me clamoring for Gilbride to be fired is the amount of plays the Giants run per game. New York averaged 60.5 offensive plays per game, which was second to last in the league.

The Giants’ offense moves at an incredibly slow pace. They have young pieces on offense, so it’s a little mind-boggling why they don’t speed things up. It appears as if on every play, QB Eli Manning is receiving the snap with one or two seconds remaining on the play clock. The Giants thought of going no-huddle earlier, but they bailed on that plan after being unsuccessful in one series.

Simply put, if Gilbride is going to remain the offensive coordinator, he will need to get in the calls quicker to his quarterback. The Giants’ offense became too predictable at times and it showed with many three-and-outs. The Giants also struggled in the red zone, where things got much tighter and there wasn’t as much space to operate.

I believe the Giants will be able to get back on track if they are able to speed things up a little more. If they are able to get around five more each game, the Giants will be able to compete for championships again.

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