New York Jets: What We Learned from the Press Conference

By Raymond Mencke


Jim O’Connor-USA TODAY Sports

The New York Jets finally had their end of the year press conference on Monday and overall it wasn’t a very good showing.  Woody Johnson and Rex Ryan didn’t give a lot of substance but there were some overall impressions we learned from them speaking.

The most important detail learned from Johnson is that he fully stands behind his coach.  He mentioned multiple times how much of a great coach he believes Ryan is despite his flaws.  He wants Ryan to be the coach next season and that will impact their current general manager search.

I do believe the Jets should keep Ryan because changing coaches every three to four years is not the way to build stability in an organization.  The fans want instant results but you can’t run guys out of town over and over.  I understand the team hasn’t won a championship since Super Bowl III, but Ryan has been the best coach we’ve had in a while.  I don’t agree that his job should be safe if they miss the playoffs though so I disagree with Johnson on that matter.

The most uneasy or troubling part of the interview was when Ryan admitted he’s failed at building an offense and was looking for a new start.  Shouldn’t an NFL coach know what a team’s offensive identity should be four years into his tenure?  He claims to know what a good offense looks like but why haven’t we seen one in his run as coach?  You can blame the quarterback for a lot of it but why not simplify the game for him?

He talked a lot about how ground and pound wasn’t something he envisioned every season but he hired Tony Sparano because he thought he was a mirror image of himself and wanted to run the ball and use the Wild Cat?  He even said before the season that this was going to be the best team he’s coached with the Jets.  He definitely needs to ditch ground and pound because the NFL is a passing league.  You run the ball to setup the pass and that needs to be a key next season.

The Jets won’t put a staff together until a general manager is hired.  Defensive coordinator Mike Pettine left to take the same position with the Buffalo Bills.  Sparano was fired on Monday night and quarterback coach Matt Cavanaugh won’t return.  These coaches will join Mike Westhoff who is retiring.  The Jets basically have to find a general manager, an offensive coordinator, a defensive coordinator and a quarterback coach right now.  Dennis Thurman is expected to become the defensive coordinator.

There was no information giving on who would be the quarterback next season until an offensive coordinator is hired.  Mark Sanchez and Tim Tebow are both under contract next season.

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