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NFL Rumors: If Dallas Cowboys Hire Monte Kiffin As Defensive Coordinator, Would A Certain Head Coach Follow?

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When the Dallas Cowboys fired defensive coordinator Rob Ryan the other day, Jason Garrett said the Cowboys were going in a different philosophical direction. Many people have interpreted that as meaning the Dallas defense will switch to the 4-3 alignment. Could this be the reason they are sniffing around 72-year old Monte Kiffin as their new defensive coordinator?

According to ESPN’s Ed Werder, the Cowboys are eyeing Kiffin to lead the Cowboys with a new 4-3 defense.

Let’s get this out of the way first, Monte Kiffin is one of the best defensive minds in the game, especially for the 4-3 defense. Kiffin has been coaching for 26 years and won a Super Bowl as the defensive coordinator for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers in 2002. However, hiring him would be a disaster of epic proportions that should lead Jerry Jones into the insane asylum. Kiffin failed so badly at his last coaching stop, as USC’s defensive coordinator, that he resigned so he wouldn’t embarrass his son anymore!

I don’t care how different the NFL is from college football because Kiffin shouldn’t be a coaching candidate anywhere. Maybe Jerry Jones just needs somebody to talk to, after all, they are practically the same age!

Here is the biggest question that comes to mind if the Cowboys do hire Kiffin; could Jon Gruden be far behind? Hey, I’m only asking. Jones has been known to do some crazy things, like considering Kiffin in the first place, but there is a connection there since they won a Super Bowl together. And it’s not like Jerry Jones has ever hired a coordinator before his head coach, right Jason Garrett and Wade Phillips?

So maybe the biggest question of all is would Dallas Cowboys fans accept Monte Kiffin as their defensive coordinator if it means Jon Gruden becomes their next head coach? Talk that one out amongst yourselves, or on twitter.

The bottom line is this is all speculation and rumors for now but one thing is clear, hiring Monte Kiffin makes no sense at all. None. And if it happens, there cannot be any greater proof that Jerry Jones has turned into Al Davis.

And that’s not good.

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