NFL Rumors: Is Tim Tebow Already Done?

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Is Tim Tebow on his way out of the NFL after just three seasons?

Unless some mystery team wants to give him a crack at quarterback, something’s got to give.

It was not even one calendar year ago that the Denver Broncos decided to move on from Tebow, after they acquired a bonafide NFL quarterback in Peyton Manning, like upgrading from a Power Wheels to a Ferrari.

With Tebow on the trade block, only two teams showed even mild interest in the former Heisman Trophy winner: the New York Jets and the Jacksonville Jaguars. The Jets had no idea what they were getting into.

After Rex Ryan (above, background ) and the Jets found out the hard way that Tebow couldn’t help them, the writing was on the wall. You’ll never see Tim Tebow at quarterback for the Jets, no matter what the alternative is.

Tebow has two years left on his rookie contract, the one that former Broncos head coach Josh McDaniels saw fit to give him after reaching for him in the first round of the 2010 NFL Draft. It’s no wonder he was fired.

Now the question is, what is Tebow’s next move? Does the 25-year-old have it in him to accept reality and admit that he will never be a starting quarterback in this league? Or will he continue to be stubborn about it?

If Tebow remains steadfast about playing quarterback, he may have to take his talents elsewhere. I’m sure there would be a handful of CFL teams willing to give the left-hander a chance to compete for a quarterback job.

However, after being a bust in New York, even his hometown Jaguars don’t seem inclined to give Tebow a shot.

New Jaguars general manager David Caldwell made it perfectly clear in his introductory press conference that the Jaguars will not be pursuing Tim Tebow in any way, shape or form, even if Tebow is outright released.

That would appear to make it 32 teams out of 32 that don’t want anything to do with Tebow and the circus that comes along with perhaps the most polarizing player in NFL history.

Of course, Tebow can change all that if he allows teams to work him out at positions other than quarterback.

Maybe he could reunite with McDaniels and become an H-back for the New England Patriots.

Otherwise, there’s always the option of retirement, and perhaps a career in politics.

Just don’t count on President Tebow anytime soon. He wasn’t born in the United States, which makes him ineligible for Commander in Chief. At this point, Tebow would probably settle for a spot on the Kansas City Chiefs, though.

To Tim Tebow, I say good luck on all his future endeavors. He’s a fine young man, just not a quarterback. The sooner he accepts that, the sooner he can move on, and hopefully, so can the rest of the sports world.


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