Baltimore Ravens Vonta Leach: Will Ankle Injury Stop Him?

By Ross Watson
Vonta Leach
Evan Habeeb-USA TODAY Sports

Amid the jubilation of beating the Indianapolis Colts in the wild card game and witnessing Ray Lewis last stand at M&T Bank Stadium, what few may have noticed is that Vonta Leach went down again. After having to leave the game after only two plays in week seventeen against the Cincinnati Bengals, Leach, although he had much more of a role against the Colts, still had to be taken off of the field after re-aggravating a sprained right ankle injury.

Leach was listed on the Ravens website as not participating in Wednesdays practice, and if his recent form holds true, it’s unlikely that he’ll participate on Thursday as well, seeing as he’s missed the last four Thursday practices yet has still managed to go out and start every game.

What does this mean for the Baltimore Ravens? In my opinion, it’s highly unlikely that he will miss the showdown with the Denver Broncos as everyone knows at this point of the season both teams and their players are strictly managing niggles and injuries in order to get the best out of their bodies every weekend. Seeing as Leach plays fullback (a position I’ve never played), who knows what kind of pain he’s having to manage after playing seventeen games at the age of 31, and quite frankly I don’t want to know!

The most worrisome thing for Ravens fans is that there’s obviously the potential that this re-aggravation leads to an increased risk of injury come Saturday. Leach is a key cog in the Ravens offense and is the guy that led the way for when Ray Rice set the franchise record with 15 TDs in 2011. If he does drop out early on Saturday the Ravens run game will be badly affected and will see the offenses play-calling shift to a more pass heavy emphasis, which obviously renders the Ravens more one dimensional, and would make life a little easier for the Broncos defense.

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