CFL is Best Bet for Tim Tebow

By Clyde A. Speller
Howard Smith-USA TODAY Sports

Yesterday, Jacksonville Jaguars new general manager David Caldwell mentioned in his introductory press conference that there wouldn’t be a chance of New York Jets quarterback Tim Tebow joining the Jaguars. Many predicted that Jacksonville would be the next landing spot for Tebow, a native of the Jacksonville area, and that a return to his home state would catapult his career even more.

Since there is absolutely no chance for Tebow to become a Jaguar, I would have to say that there is no chance that the other 31 teams in the NFL will take a chance on the 2010 first-round draft pick.

The one thing that will give Tebow a chance at staying in the league for next season is converting to another position like halfback. Tebow is athletic enough to play the position, and has proven to be a good runner in the wildcat offense. The problem is that Tebow wants to play quarterback.

In order to play quarterback in the NFL, one has to know how to accurately throw the ball consistently, regardless of how athletic one is. Tebow’s throwing mechanics have been criticized since his playing days at the University of Florida. His slow-winding throwing motion hasn’t changed, and is mainly the reason why Tebow is an average passing quarterback at best.

In my opinion, Tebow isn’t good enough to be a starting quarterback in the NFL, especially since the league has now become a pass-dominated league. I don’t even think that it is smart to have Tebow as a backup. Tebow is probably the only backup quarterback that has his own playbook.

While playing for the Denver Broncos, once Tebow took over as the starter, the Broncos’ offense had to completely adjust to his playing style. Normally, backup quarterbacks have to adjust to the offensive system. Denver virtually changed their playbook so that Tebow could start. Fortunately, they had a good enough defense to help carry them to the playoffs.

I think in any other circumstance, a team’s offense would falter changing their offensive approach midseason, therefore ruining their season.

Considering Tebow’s horrible throwing motion, the fact that he won’t play any position but quarterback, and the strong possibility that no other team in the NFL will acquire Tebow, I think that the Canadian Football League is the best chance for the third-year quarterback to play in 2013.

Going to the CFL will not only give Tebow a chance to be a starting quarterback, it will give him chance to become a much better passing quarterback in a league that has a lot of teams that play in spread offenses. A year or two in the CFL will show once and for all if Tebow should be looked upon as a “quarterback,” or just as a “football player.”

I don’t think that going to the CFL will hinder his passing skills. Tebow can only improve. If this does happen, hopefully this would give Tebow a chance to return to the NFL as a quarterback.

The CFL shouldn’t be looked upon as a bad thing. Doug Flutie, a quarterback who won the Heisman Trophy just like Tebow, went from the NFL, to the CFL, and back to the NFL. If it worked for Flutie, I don’t see why it can’t work for Tebow.

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