NFL Rumors: St. Louis Rams OC Brian Schottenheimer to Jacksonville Jaguars

By Anthony Blake
Brian Schottenheimer, Sam Bradford - St. Louis Rams
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For the St. Louis Rams, the last thing that this franchise has had to worry itself about in recent offseasons is losing coaches from its staff to other teams. The club hasn’t exactly had a desirable crew on hand for quite some time and that is in large part to blame for their near decade long ineptitude. That all might be changing with the recent news concerning a certain member of Jeff Fisher’s staff from 2012.

Reports say that the Jacksonville Jaguars have requested permission from the Rams to interview offensive coordinator Brian Schottenheimer in regards to their vacant head coaching position. This won’t be a first time endeavor for Schotty who has been a sought after commodity in the past and as the son of an NFL legend roaming the sideline, Marty Schottenheimer, Brian certainly has the right bloodlines to be successful.

In his first season as the Rams offensive coordinator, the team didn’t exactly have a juggernaut offense with only seven teams ranking lower than them in points scored. What the Jags may like about Schottenheimer though is his run-heavy style that served him well with the New York Jets and now with St. Louis. Adding his style to a team with all-purpose master Maurice Jones-Drew is a match made in heaven.

Why Schottenheimer should be reluctant to take the step up the coaching ladder with Jacksonville is the fact that the team doesn’t exactly have a good track record. The Jags’ last winning season was in 2007 and that was just one of two years where the franchise made the postseason since 1999. Coaches have been in and out of Jacksonville quite frequently as the team is now searching for its fourth in just three years time. From Jack Del Rio to Mel Tucker and now the dismissal of Mike Mularkey, that can’t inspire much confidence in those considering taking the job.

From a Rams’ perspective, at least it’s nice to have some coveted members on a once barren coaching staff. With quarterback Sam Bradford looking forward to an offseason where he finally doesn’t have to learn a new offense, losing Schottenheimer would be a big blow to the club in terms of continuity. Fingers are certainly crossed within the organization that Schottenheimer sticks around for at least one more year.

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