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5 Landing Spots for Tim Tebow

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5 Landing Spots for Tim Tebow

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As further reports start to surface of the mishandling of Tim Tebow by the New York Jets, the news keeps getting worse for the former Heisman winner. Just as former Jets special teams coach Mike Westhoff was on a radio show explaining how the Jets totally misused Tebow, new Jacksonville Jaguars General Manager David Caldwell made it pretty clear that "under no circumstance" can he imagine ESPN's favorite quarterback in a Jaguar uniform(I can imagine one. His owner forcing it down his throat).

Most media outlets have reported that the only other team that even wanted Tebow was the Jaguars. Now with them out of the picture where does that leave Tebow? The CFL has been talked about in growing circles, despite the fact that it's a passing league and Tebow is not a passing quarterback. Others seem to think that this is the end of the line for a quarterback who just won a playoff games this time last year.

It's really hard to believe that this actually might be the end of the line for Tebow. Regardless of the circus that surrounds the quarterback, or which side you're on: Love him or hate him, Tebow has shown the ability to win games when the offense is built around him. The only problem with that, as many coaches and analysts have let us know, there isn't many "Tebows" out there. If you build an entire offense around a mobile-bruising quarterback only for him to get hurt, you're backup probably won't have the skill set to carry out the offense designed. Although, I think that's a pretty weak argument as I doubt many backups can carry out the offense designed for the starter.

However there is hope. According to my own sources(A 4 year-old girl and a lobster who sings Britney Spears songs), I have found 5 jobs for a man without a team where he can still make a substantial impact while making some quality loot.

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Giver of Hugs

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The ladies love them some Tim Tebow. They don't care of the limitations that his arm might have for an NFL team, they think he's downright swell. There's nothing that says Tebow can't leave football all-together and charge 3 dollars per hug to make a living. Tebow seems like a loving guy, hugs can be this man's future. Where there is a hug there is a way.

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Tebow Time TV Show

Timmy Time
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"Tebow Time" was known as the period of the fourth quarter when Timmy went all NFL comeback legend on us. Throwing for only 34 yards the previous three and a half quarters, Tebow would take his team on an unlikely run that would be capped off with them making an improbable comeback and winning the game. So the "Tebow Time" brand already has a form of credibility to it, now he needs to turn it into a late-night talk show.

Tebow can compete with the Jimmy Kimmel's of the world and take his talents to late night. I'm sure ESPN would take a flier out on the show to air opposite of Letterman. The concept? Tebow throws out just horrible religion jokes for the first 50 minutes of the program only to go all George Carlin the last 10. I smell an Emmy, or Oscar....Or whatever the Sam Cassell they give those folks.

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A Reality Star

Jersey Shore
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Nothing says in your face, New Jersey Shore style antics like Tim Tebow. Sure he's not going to get drunk and cause all different levels of debauchery, but Tebow's first episode of his new reality show will surely garner huge ratings. Every opening scene of his reality show can be narrated by Skip Bayless recapping the previous week's episode. I smell ratings gold as we follow Tebow's journey to positively effect EVERYONE's life, one smile at a time.

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A Preacher

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Tebow's leadership skills, especially in college, are stuff of legend(Mostly because nobody in the NFL never bought into to, I see you Demaryius Thomas). All he has to do is take that positive attitude of his and combine it with his love for the man upstairs. This seems like a fairly logical step for Tebow and one most people expect to eventually come.

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Mark Sanchez Confidence Coach

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There is a very simple solution to Tebow's, as well as the Jets', problems if they choose to utilize Timmy correctly. Just keep Tebow on board but make it abundantly clear, to the point of keeping him inactive, that Mark Sanchez is your guy. Have the two of them travel, room, and play together, in the hopes of all the positiveness and confidence from Tebow rubbing off on the downtrodden Sanchez

There is another way Tebow can help boost Sanchez's confidence, let him play. If Tebow is really as bad as everyone says, Sanchez won't feel so bad of his ineptitude after watching Timmy struggle far more than he did.

Oh, there is one more solution. Someone can give Tebow a legitimate shot in the league. Sorry? There's no more creative coaches out there?

Touche NFL, touche.