Denver Broncos 2013 NFL Playoffs Aftermath

By Craig Ballard
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The Denver Broncos have been eliminated by the Baltimore Ravens in the 2013 NFL Playoffs in a thrilling game. This article is a look at what lies ahead for the Broncos organization.

The team has a few massive contracts which will contribute to getting them almost to the salary cap ceiling, so the Broncos may be required to make cuts that would be strictly a financial decision, plus they have a few free-agents that they will need to make big decisions about.

The team is going to be led by Peyton Manning for a few more years, and his great play plus massive contract make him a top priority as far as protecting him. Stud offensive lineman Ryan Clady and Dan Koppen are both free-agents, and both are likely going to be top priorities. The Broncos were one-and-done for the playoffs, but in the regular season Clady and Koppen contributed to keeping Manning upright and we know an upright Manning is a good (Hall Of Fame good).

On defense the Broncos were excellent vs the run, and they were strong up the middle with Kevin Vickerson on the defensive line and Keith Brooking at middle linebacker. Both of these veterans are free-agents and at least one of them may fall victim to being a cap casualty as they may be too pricey for this Broncos team going forward.

The secondary was also excellent, and some of their depth is up for grabs as guys like Tony Carter and Jim Leonhard are free-agents. Free-agent Tracy Porter was brought in to add depth to the Broncos, but he had concussion issues and did not have much of a 2012. I think they Broncos will likely have to let Porter walk, but they are likely to look at re-signing Carter who is only 27 and is versatile.

The Broncos will surely require some time before recovering from the shock of their Divisional weekend loss, but at some point they have big decisions to make as they try to build their team around the small window that a 37 year old Manning gives them.

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