Denver Broncos Defense Let’s Them Down

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It was a good season for the Denver Broncos, but not a great one. They were upset by the Baltimore Ravens and despite their great regular season, questions still have to be asked about the Broncos defense. As well as they played during the season, they were terrible on Saturday and it was more than just Champ Bailey.

Bailey is going to be the one that everyone points to and he was awful, but he did not get much help. The Broncos pass rush that was so good in the regular season was missing in action and that allowed Ravens quarterback, Joe Flacco to sit back and pick the Broncos apart.

The Broncos were also excellent at making in-game adjustments on defense, but Jack Del Rio either could not find the right adjustment to make or the players simply failed to execute those adjustments. The Broncos have been built on getting a lead and then turning their defense loose; the offense and special teams did their part but the defense failed to hold up their end of the bargain.

It’s difficult to argue with the critics that said the defense was not a top five unit, and only feasted on weaker offenses. Despite taking away the run for most of the day, the Broncos never had an answer for Flacco and Torrey Smith. When they did manage to make a stop, the Broncos defense shoot themselves in the foot with dumb penalty after dumb penalty. The Broncos had several chances to take control of the game but the defense could never make that one play to put some distance between themselves and the Ravens.

The failed to make a stop at the end of the first-half after Matt Prater missed a field goal; granted it was a tough position to be in but they cannot give up a touchdown there. Even if they up a field-goal, the Broncos go into the half with the lead and the kickoff return by Trindon Holliday gives the Broncos a two score lead.

It wasn’t all on the defense; the Broncos offense had chances to grab a two score lead but it was the defense the ultimately let them down. It’s a shame that Saturday’s performance will be the one that everyone remembers because the Broncos defense is better than what they showed. On the other hand; maybe that was the real Broncos defense? We have a whole off-season to debate the point.

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