Dom Capers Isn't a Good Coach

Jeff Hanisch-USA TODAY Sports

Green Bay Packers defensive coordinator Dom Capers is what my father would call a “combine coach.” He has all the intangables to be a great coach except he really isn’t a great coach. Watching the San Francisco 49ers spread the field and have their way with the Packers defense shows that Capers had a terrible game plan.

While one cannot ignore the Colin Kaepernick show for the 49ers, but the failure of the Packers to spy on the quarterback or cover certain areas of the field comes down to coaching. The Packers haven’t played very well defensively throughout the season, but to stink up the field like they are in this game is disgraceful. The 49ers have been 17 steps ahead of the Packers all night long.

Despite being built up as a top coach and failing miserably (minus a 12-4 record with the Carolina Panthers in 1996, his career coaching record is a horrible 48-80), he’s always been considered one of the game’s better defensive minds. However, the game appears to have passed him by and his team just doesn’t have a clue. Although it should be noted that the idiots who coached the Chicago Bears seem to keep Capers employed by not having an answer to his defense. Other than the Bears, Capers’ defense is invisible. One more reason why I’m glad the Bears have made a coaching change.

I wouldn’t be surprised if the Packers make a change at defensive coordinator during the offseason. With a few good defensive minds around, the Packers might not be able to fight off temptation.

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