NFL Rumors: NFC West Quarterback in Trouble

By Curt Popejoy
Brian Schottenheimer, Sam Bradford - St. Louis Rams
Jeff Curry-USA TODAY Sports

Some people say that change is good, but what we’ve come to understand is that in the NFL, sometimes change is bad. And a lot of change can be a lot of bad. For St. Louis Rams starting quarterback Sam Bradford, he’s had to deal with nothing but change for his entire NFL career, and it could end up costing him what was once a promising career.

When the news first came down that current Rams offensive coordinator, Brian Schottenheimer was on the radar of the Jacksonville Jaguars, my heart sank. I’m an Oklahoma Sooners fan, and have rooted for Bradford in the NFL since the day he was drafted No. 1 overall. I’ve always felt like Bradford had a skill set that gives him the potential to be a true franchise signal caller.

However, Bradford in his 3 seasons in the NFL has had to deal with a tremendous amount of adversity. The Rams have never adequately filled the roster around him with quality athletes, in particular along the offensive line, and just as important he’s played in 3 different offensive systems under 3 different offensive coordinators. This sort of change and instability can be career suicide for the most talented quarterback, and when you pair that up with what is a lack of supporting players you can really see where if Bradford can’t get to a point where he has some stability in his offense, his development will stall and eventually backslide as we’ve seen from so many talented college quarterbacks before.

I can fully understand why Schottenheimer would be in demand and I also understand why he’d be interesting in becoming a head coach. But looking at this from the perspective of a Rams fan, I shudder to think my starting quarterback, the $50 million dollar man who enjoyed his best season as a pro is going to have to start over again with a new offensive coordinator and new offensive system.


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