NFL Rumors: Troubled AFC North Running Back to Remain With Team?

By Curt Popejoy
Pittsburgh Steelers

Earlier in the week the Pittsburgh Steelers announced they would waive running back Chris Rainey after he was arrested on a charge of simple battery, or what the state of Florida terms, “dating violence”. While this may have seemed like a shock to many Steelers fans, if you really understand how the Rooney family operates, this should be come as no surprise as they are a patient and forgiving franchise but this sort of activity has a zero tolerance policy with them. But recent events may have changed things. And if you were shocked Rainey might be involved in something like this, google “Chris Rainey text message” and you will understand a little better.

In the very short span of time since all this took place, Rainey’s girlfriend has now come out and said that there was no assault and has asked that the state of Florida drop all charges. Now, I’m not an expert on Florida statutes so I am not sure if the state must proceed with the charges or not, but considering Rainey cannot technically be waived until after the Super Bowl, the Steelers will have to time to mull this decision and some time to see how things play out with the court. But file this under NFL rumors that if the charges against Rainey are dropped prior to the date when he can be waived, he may simply be kept on the roster by the franchise.

My take-At this point the entire debate is less about what Rainey did or did not do. The altercation between he and his girlfriend happened. The gist of all this lies in whether or not Rainey struck his girlfriend. And at some point all our ethical beliefs aside this is about football. If no charges are filed, and Rainey is exonerated by the court, there’s no reason the Steelers wouldn’t bring him back into the fold. The Steelers kept defensive tackle Alameda Ta’amu on the roster after an in-season arrest for what could best be described as a fat man drunken rampage that really could have hurt a lot of people. If nothing ever comes of the Rainey situation I’m not sure how that would look not to allow him to stay on the team.


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