San Francisco 49ers are Once Again in the NFC Championship Game

By Craig Ballard
Jason O. Watson-US PRESSWIRE


The San Francisco 49ers will compete in the NFC Championship game for the second straight season under Jim Harbaugh as a result of their 2013 NFL Playoffs Divisional weekend win over the Green Bay Packers. If the Atlanta Falcons win on Sunday then the 49ers will head to Georgia, but if the Seattle Seahawks win on Sunday then the 49ers will host Seattle next weekend (as the 2013 NFL Playoffs Insider for Rant Sports I have a detailed Seahawks at Falcons game preview RIGHT HERE).

The way that San Fran got to the championship game, and the way they won games lately was different than it had been. Sure the defense is still elite and the running game is top-notch, but I am referring to the fact that this team was once led by Alex Smith however these days it is Colin Kaepernick.

The second year Kaepernick got the nod to remain as the Niners quarterback even when Smith returned from injury because Harbaugh likes what Kaep can do with his legs. This guy can make plays on the ground when pass plays break down, and also when the play call is for a designed Kaepernick run. Neither Smith nor Kaepernick had much success vs the Seahawks defense this season (as NFC West foes they play each other twice annually) so they may be hoping to face the suspect Falcons defense, although that would mean heading on the road as opposed to hosting the NFC Championship game.

I thought the winner of Green Bay at San Fran would go on to represent the NFC in Super Bowl XLVII, but that goes double now that we all saw the Divisional weekend beat-down that the Niners laid on the Packers. San Francisco looks like they have the running game and defense that can compete for a Super Bowl.

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