Shootout Brewing Between Baltimore Ravens and Denver Broncos

By Curt Popejoy
Denver Broncos

As a college football fan, I can appreciate a lot of offense. But when I watch the NFL, I don’t typically get to see a lot of back and forth scoring. But in this afternoon’s divisional playoff game between the Denver Broncos and Baltimore Ravens, the scoring is on full display, even if the offense isn’t the only reason why.

With both teams scoring on pick 6’s and beautifully thrown passes, those of us who cringe at plodding, low scoring NFL games look to be in for a treat. And this is all after only one quarter. I suspect that both defenses will stiffen up at some point and slow things down a little, but if big plays are what we should expect, and there’s nothing to say we won’t, this playoff clash promises to provide with 3 more quarters of football mayhem. And don’t we all love mayhem? I’m not sure these 2 quarterbacks can keep up this pace, but we can hope.

One other important note when it comes to generating some points is the officials appear to be letting the wide receivers and cornerbacks duke it out and not getting too excited about tossing the pass interference flag. I am all for this, because you never want to see a playoff game being decided on what the officials call. Let the players play and the stars will find ways to make the big plays when they need them.

One quarter in and 28 points scored is a great sign that football fans are in for a real treat the rest of the game. Keep checking back here at Rant Sports for all your NFL Playoff coverage. @NFLdraftboard

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