Tom Telesco, New San Diego Chargers GM, Puts Focus on NFL Draft

By Anthony Blake
San Diego Chargers 2013 NFL Draft
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The San Diego Chargers’ decision makers are now knee deep wading through a pool of potential head coaching candidates. That doesn’t mean that newly appointed General Manager Tom Telesco has lost sight of what is most important to this team over the course of the next few months. Replenishing the Bolts roster will be a tall task, but with his draft biased approach, the team should start to reap the benefits quickly.

Just look at the Indianapolis Colts as an example. Telesco was with the organization for 15 years and most recently at the vice president of football operations. He oversaw plenty of great draft choices with Indy and perhaps some of his best work occurred last offseason where the team went from first overall pick and a 2-14 record to 11-5 in 2012 and a playoff berth. The bulk of that turnaround can be accredited to the club’s success in the 2012 NFL Draft.

Regarding his outlook on the Bolts and their draft forecast, Telesco said:

We get so much information on the draft process for almost 13 months. So for 13 months we’re working on these college players. We watch them on tape, we watch them in practice, we watch them live, we talk to their coaches, we do psychological, we do medical and we have all this information. When you look at free agency, you don’t have any of that. All you see is what you see on tape. You don’t have that intimate feeling of what the guy really is. You can’t interview him. So in the draft process, we draft and then develop.

What Telesco says is likely quite similar to what the other candidate for the GM vacancy, Jimmy Raye, said during his interview with the team. The one glaring difference is that the Bolts already know what Raye is capable of and while it had been admirable for a number of years with the team, it really is just more of the same.

Plenty of offseasons in recent history around San Diego have just featured a shuffling of the current parts and calling it a fresh start. This time around, the franchise truly is undergoing a drastic change and that will likely be seen in their 2013 draft picks as well. Former Bolts head coach Norv Turner said that this team is nowhere close to a playoff caliber team as currently constructed, so let’s see how long it takes Telesco to prove him wrong.

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