Washington Redskins' Fans Are Beautiful Strangers

By Ricky Allen


Washington Redskins, Redskins, Washington Redskisn fans at Fedex Field
Derick E. Hingle-USA TODAY Sports

It’s amazing what a Washington Redskins‘ cap can do for you.

While cruising the Walmart with my wife and two kids this evening (NOTE: I do NOT like shopping at the Walmart. I consider it a time/space continuum.) I was wearing my Redskins cap and was greeted by compliments a plenty. I didn’t know these people and they didn’t know me, but we had one thing in common: We’re Redskins’ fans.

Immediately we got into deep conversation about Robert Griffin III, his injury, and the team as a whole. Everyone I talked to agreed that it was a crazy idea to keep RG3 in the game Sunday against the Seattle Seahawks. My wife stood by, then eventually continued her shopping as the conversation continued. It was probably the best experience I’ve ever had while shopping at Walmart. Most of the time I look like all the other husbands who are drafted to join their wives for grocery shopping: Dazed and confused, frustrated, and looking for something to make the time go by.

This has to be the biggest difference this year in comparison to years past: We actually have something to talk about that doesn’t involve a curse word. Most of the time Redskins’ fans wear their gear, but are silent walkers. They’ll defend their team when needed, but otherwise they are seen but rarely heard. I didn’t consider it fear, mostly frustration. It was understandable. Nowadays if you’re wearing anything that says Redskins, it’s like you’re on the team. We all know that fans are the 12th man on any team. I’m just glad we’re acting like it now.  And for all the bandwagon jumpers and those who “don’t like the Redskins, but like RG3,” don’t worry – eventually you will “turn”.

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